STEFANO CASELLI debuted on Playboy Italia's stories and has been working with American publishers since 2002. He provided art for Devil's Due Publishing's G.I.Joe and in 2004 he co-created Hack/Slash. He worked on Vampirella for Harris Publications and Micronauts for Image Comics. Since 2006 he's been working with Marvel Comics on an exclusive basis. For the House of Ideas he has illustrated Secret Warriors, Avengers: The Initiative, Thunderbolts, Mighty Avengers, Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways and Young Avengers. He recently became one of the regular artists on Amazing Spider-Man. He's partner and teacher at the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti, in Rome.

GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI, also known as Cammo, was born in Italy in 1975. He broke out in Italy in 1997 with the self-published Bonerest, later translated and published in the US by Image Comics. After a few more Italian productions, he got his first American assignment, Swamp Thing (written by Brian K. Vaughan). Since then, he's worked non-stop for DC Comics and Marvel, notably on titles including Hellblazer, Spider-Man's Tangled Web, Vertigo Pop: Bangkok, The Intimates, Batman, Captain Atom: Armageddon, Ms. Marvel Special, 52, Jonah Hex, Iron Fist Special, X-Infernus, The Incredible Hulk and The Death of Dracula. Currently, he splits his artistic duties between the Marvel hit Daken: Dark Wolverine (written by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu) and the Vertigo milestone series Hellblazer (written by Peter Milligan). He's also the artistic director (and teacher) at the "Scuola Internazionale di Comics" of Reggio Emilia, where he lives with his wife, Jessica.

FRANCESCO “MATT” MATTINA previously a designer, character and scenery work professional for theatre productions and a concept artist for VFX Studios factory, in 2007 began working as a cover artist with Marvel Comics. Notable pieces include Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, War Machine,The Punisher, Marvel Zombies, Shadowland, Taskmaster, Moon Knight, Nova and Wolverine. From 2009 he's been working with DC Comics tasked with the covers of Batman Confidential, Azrael, Red Hood and Arkham Asylum and the soon-to-be published Batman: Europa mini-series. Currently collaborating with DC Comics Licensing (Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Green Lantern cover and menus designs), Warner Bros Entertainment, Activision, Radical Publishing (Ryder on the Storm, After Dark and Exile). He also teachs illustration and American comics courses at Turin's Scuola Internazionale di comics.

RICCARDO BURCHIELLI was born in Tuscany. After working as an art director in some Tuscan advertising agencies, he starts focusing on comic art in 2003. He joins for a couple of years the staff of Eura Editoriale 's John Doe. After these releases, in 2005 he is enlisted by the editor Will Dennis at Vertigo and he realizes the successful and controversial series DMZ together with the writer Brian Wood. While being busy as a regular artist right on DMZ, between 2006 and 2007 he works with Roberto Recchioni at Garrett - Ucciderò ancora Billy the Kid for Edizioni BD. In 2007 he wins the popular readers’ award Comicus Prize and the prestigious prize of Lucca Comicon’s Gran Guinigi, both as “Best Artist”.
After a small appearance in the DC Universe with a short story for the Halloween Special, recently Riccardo has been working also on other books of Vertigo, as Northlanders, still on texts by Brian wood, while continuing his commitment on DMZ. He lives in Florence with his girfriend and two cats.

Journalist, TV writer, editor, DIEGO MALARA was born in 1978. He studied media communication at La Sapienza university in Rome, focusing on human computer interaction and narratology. In the late '90s he began writing for Italian video-game publications and he later became editor-in-chief at Play Press Publishing, managing the game magazines' branch while providing advice for the Italian editions of comic-books and graphic novels by DC Comics and Dark Horse licensed by the same company. In 2007 he created Jetix Europe-produced show Gamebuster and soon after that he started collaborating with political magazine Left with a weekly column focused on digital culture and technology. Since 2008 he's been freelancing for Italian lifestyle magazine La Repubblica XL and La Repubblica newspaper and website, reporting from movie festivals, comic conventions and video-games events throughout Europe, US and Asia. In 2009 he supervised a section of animation festival Cartoons on the Bay for Italian national broadcaster RAI. CEO and founder of Italian Job Studio, he lives in Rome and should practice judo more.